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I am looking for writers for my Classic Classes series of 4th Edition Dungeon and Dragons books. Each book will feature a 3rd Edition core class converted to 4th Edition to help bridge the gap between 3rd and 4th. I am paying 1/2 cent per word.


I am looking for artists for my Classic Classes series. I am looking for simple line art figures for the class represented in the book. This is relatively low-budget because the budget is split between writing, editing and art.


I am looking for editors for my Classic Classes line. This work pays 25$ per book, which works out to about 1$ per page. I will edit this material once before it gets handed off to the editor.

Charke Publishing creates roleplaying game manuals in PDF format which can be purchased on the RPGnow and DriveThruRPG websites. We currently have books for the 3.5 system and plan to release books for the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons system. Our main series are Broken: The Memory of Solaris, expansions, and the massive stand alone manual on time travel; Chronomancer: Time Travel for Everyone.

Write Something

Write something. Seriously. Even if you know how and where to submit material and ask for work, it’s both a confidence builder and practical necessity to have some material written. You can show it off as a sample or even submit it.

I started by writing a 300 page epic on time travel that no one wanted to look at. I started a little too big. Five years and 22 publications later, I’ve decided to just develop the book myself.

Create a Website

    A website is the modern business card. It tells people who you are. It provides examples of your work. It tells people how to contact you. You need one.

    If your only option is a free site, get one without popups, just add banners. I highly recommend coughing up 120$ a year for a site without adds and your own domain name.

   If your HTML-Fu isn’t that great, make the site simple and clean. You only NEED a few things on your site.

– Your name and email address (Contact Us)

– Examples of your work (best on a sub-page, gallery for an artist)

– A little about yourself (what do you do – art, layout, editing, writing?)

– Just a splash of art (don’t steal, chase down some free clipart).

   Optional site elements include links, galleries, photos, games, a web comic, a message board,

   Don’t put music on your main page (Index.html). Don’t put popups on your main page. Check your spelling. Don’t write text that sounds nervous or bragging.



Choosing the Best Antivirus Solution for You – Technology

Keeping your computer protected from outside threats is a full-time job for antivirus programs. These programs are your computer’s first line of defense against viruses, malware, and malicious downloads. While there are certainly many great options available on today’s market, it is important to choose the very best virus protection solution when installing a new program for your PC.

Antivirus programs are all developed differently, and each of them incorporate specific tools and features that are not necessarily available in the products of their competitors. Further complicating matters, antivirus ratings continually change, meaning the product rated as the “best antivirus 2016” solution will likely not be the same software suite as next year’s selection. All of these moving parts mean that finding the best anti virus solution for your PC is a matter of personal choice. If we look deeper at antivirus software we should state that almost everyone online needs protection. I remember discussions at the beginning at 2010-th when Apple users were appealing that Mac Operating Systems do not need any antivirus protection. And now Mac OS based antivirus software is one of the the most popular with a bunch of reviewed applications.

So, one of the best places to start your hunt is with an independent rating website. Because so many consumers rely on ratings from these organizations, many software manufacturers provide these websites with all new editions of their software suites. In turn, the reviewers of those websites look at the product, running it through a series of different tests.

Many of those tests put the software program on the line, throwing viruses and malware in its direction. The goal is to test the overall performance of the application, determining the strong and weak points of the product in question. This information is then relayed to consumers, which can help savvy shoppers to make wise decisions when purchasing new software solutions.

It is important to look for ratings from independent websites, as those groups have no reason to favor one company over another. Thoroughly review both the pros and cons of any antivirus solution you are considering, as those little points could prove incredibly valuable to you. Many review sites will also make recommendations as to where you can purchase the software for the lowest price.

In addition to independent reviewing organizations, reviews from other consumers can be a great resource to use when searching for antivirus solutions. Consider visiting large online retailers that give customers the opportunity to leave feedback on products they’ve purchased.You may be able to glean interesting information that can further help direct your search from such reviews. For example MacKeeper antivirus software for Mac OS provides whole list of customer reviews that definitely help to know better product’s pros and cons from real customers.

Once you’ve reviewed all of the information available, you will simply need to determine what exactly you are looking for in an antivirus product. Do you need additional features, such as a firewall or a spam filter? Perhaps you would like a pop-up blocker installed on your machine? The different aspects of each program will likely play a large role in your final decision. Furthermore, the price point is also a factor you will want to consider.

Finding the very best antivirus software is a matter of finding a software program that works well for you. By reviewing the information available on a particular product, you can make certain to avoid lemons, and instead purchase a great program that will keep your computer protected from intruders. Installing a great antivirus program is a perfect way to give yourself enduring peace of mind, whenever you use the Internet on your machine.


Company & Technologies Crack — Does Company Drives Technologies or Technologies Drives Company? – Technology

Information Technology and also the move to some computerized national infrastructure model tend to be bringing excellent changes to a lot of industries. Often it’s the CIO from the company that escort this particular fundamental shift in the commercial revenue flow. Leading other people through modernization, revolutionize as well as transformation means you have to have the ability to make modifications yourself.

Ignore asking regardless of whether technology hard disks business or even business hard disks technology. Stop perturbing about whether technology is actually strategic. Silence all of the confusions about how exactly advance this particular technology would be to that technologies. In technologies, there tend to be numerous queries that if you need to ask, you most likely already know and do not like the solution. A as pleasing line associated with inquiry is just how much of your own technological horsepower is really being accustomed to turn the actual wheels associated with innovation.

Many people says which Technology hard disks business modernization, uniqueness, success & Improvements that starts up brand new doors associated with opportunities, improves the business’s performance overall, sharpens the business’s market cleverness, and can make new things feasible for the customers. Another way of thinking is how the Business Hard disks Technology, as a result integration is all about assisting company to help their profitability through the use of technology along with other resources open to the business. But reasonably speaking, the generating force originates from the BOSS and CIO from the company, who both try to leverage technologies to it’s fullest possible.

In the society that is entirely determined by computers as well as immediate marketing communications, technology has become the heartbeat along the way of workplace design because decisions upon layout as well as services. Some facets of technology, such as the computer computer animation & conversation, are extremely visible demo devices. But more from it is within the largely silent and invisible infrastructure, using the emphasis upon sophisticated cabling and wise communication devices to supply for a good ever higher flow, and upon communications as well as power facilities to maintain operations operating through nearly every anticipated calamity.

Within the modernization from the today’s companies, Common company drivers consist of; Mergers as well as Acquisitions, Inner Reorganizations, Software and Program Consolidation, Inconsistent/Duplicated/Fragmented Information, New Company Strategies, Conformity with Federal government Regulations, Streamlining Company Processes. To offer the success within the accommodation of those business motorists, the durable and wise input will be required from both parties we. e. the business along with the technology.

Inside a company, you can cover each and every surface inside your office with how you can manage alter. But taking care of of alter management which often dodges THIS Managers is how you can better impact corporate co-workers. If it drives company decisions, the THIS executives should communicate and become persuasive along with other division heads upon key task management problems.

Strategic planning Information Technologies is one element of an general company eyesight for achievement. This psychoanalysis allows for IT experts to effectively define brief and long-term objectives and determine the resources essential to apprehend this kind of goals. To achieve success, the proper plan ought to be developed inside a thorough however rapid method, consist of the brief, concise compilation associated with analyzed information, and supply opportunities through which additional preparing and analysis may appear.

Several essential benefits happen as caused by a prosperous strategic THIS plan. Very first, employees are supplied with an awareness of exactly how their part fits in using the overall organization structure. Additionally, this preparing allows managers to understand additional possibilities for development and achievement. Finally, essential relationships in between technology expense and good outcomes, for example increased marketplace share, tend to be revealed.

It’s now get to be the industry dilemma it people have to know more regarding business. They have to understand the actual disciplines and also the lingo associated with business procedure management, company performance administration, customer romantic relationship management, provide chain administration, financial administration, human assets management, procedures management, and so on. Lacking which knowledge, communication with people and knowledge of business needs will permanently be stressed.

On another hand the company people also needs to drive their own efforts to understand more about it. As along with all conversation and romantic relationship issues, this isn’t a prejudiced issue. Just since it people have to become much more business-oriented, business people have to be more IT-oriented. They have to understand the actual roles as well as relationships one of many different types of technology where their info systems rely, and they have to understand the actual dependencies the type of technologies. Business people must have a working understanding of the technologies stack since it affects their power to get info, perform company analysis, as well as make knowledgeable business choices.

Beyond the actual relatively straight-forward requirements of company becoming IT-oriented as well as technologists getting business-oriented, there lies a brand new challenge. We should develop typical understanding as well as shared viewpoint of worth, an issue that’s both a company concern along with a technology thing to consider. When business also it have various meaning as well as outlook with regard to value, conflicts will definitely arise.

Business also it organizations usually have two obviously different viewpoints of worth. IT professional generally have a data-to-value strategy. Where Information produces info, information improves knowledge, understanding drives motion, action creates outcomes, as well as favorable final results deliver worth. Business administration typically runs on the goals-to-value program. Business motorists and objectives determine methods, strategies generate tactics, which produce outcomes, and good success produce worth.

Effective business/IT associations are eventually a query of position. New THIS skills, start up business skills, as well as new viewpoints that models the phase for business/IT position. But it does not assure position. To accomplish genuine association there are many things that must definitely be done; some because of it, some through the business, plus some collectively.

Conflicts in between business also it organizations possess existed in the very starting of automatic Information Techniques. We possess accelerated in a lot of ways both running a business and within technology. Nevertheless, the issue still pestilences the majority of the businesses. The Business/IT break must disappear. The price is higher; the worth is null; and also the barriers it crafts develop bigger every moment. The issue can end up being fixed, and also the time to repair it has become!


Do you really need Computer Instruction? – Technology


The solution is indeed, sooner or even later you’ll need some pc training. As computer systems evolve as well as new software program becomes available individuals are finding this important maintain on their own computer abilities.

If a person work in work place for instance, you might be faced having a situation exactly where your company purchases a brand new software program in the actual hopes that it can help his company be efficient. Consequently, you may be asked to learn to make use of this new software program. Even should you work inside a warehouse this particular new software program may required you’ll want to enter stock and printing packing slides.

Do you should know everything concerning the software? The solution is absolutely no, you in no way have to become computer professional. Just get the skills that will help you to use the program as efficiently as you possibly can in your way of life. Here tend to be some methods to gain individuals computer abilities.

1. The program manual. Take a moment to briefly browse the titles as well as summaries. In so doing when you find something you aren’t sure how you can do it may seem, “I keep in mind reading some thing about that” as well as quickly think it is again within the manual.

2. Software particular books. These tend to be books you can buy at the majority of major guide stores. They are very often compiled by those who are experts using the software. The text is usually followed through examples which might make this easier that you should understand and for that reason you discover quicker.

3. COMPACT DISC tutorials. With a few of the more well-liked software you might be able to purchase the CD guide. These instruction aids consider you through step-by-step the various functions from the software. Through “doing”, when you are learning you’re more often to consider these numerous functions.

It’s not to late to begin computer instruction. The abilities you discover today might be all that’s necessary to obtain that marketing or be eligible for a that brand new job. Taking the actual initiative in order to upgrade a person computer abilities shows your own employer or even potential employer that you can to adjust to the each and every changing pc workplace.


Employer Technology, Why Recruiters Have to Embrace Technologies – Technology

I will be in recruitment with regard to over 15 many years and am a genuine believer in using good technology inside the recruitment procedure. This offers led me to create it the mission to maintain informed associated with what resources are now being developed and provided on the actual technology entrance within recruitment.

I possess therefore carried out continuous as well as extensive research in this region and happen to be involved within developing software program and resources specific to the industry.

This provides me for an interesting topic that has come up again and again during my personal research as well as discussions along with numerous employers, I am certain that all employers have talked about this long and along with much passion at some point. The alternative of recruiters and also the recruitment procedure by technologies!

I possess heard through some clients in addition to recruiters which some really feel our times are figures, as technologies, for instance on-line work portals or boards, each general as well as in-house created will quickly replace all of us.

These tend to be my ideas and findings about this issue:

Technologies is wonderful! A excellent resource with regard to Recruiters and really should be accepted with open up arms.
Many recruiters fear so much technology, they might still prefer to utilize flip credit cards and state that anybody using technology isn’t a “Real Recruiter”!

My personal experience is actually: ignore technologies and “Real Recruiter” or even not your company is condemned, it won’t progress far to the future like a viable organization. You is going to be replaced.

Technology isn’t a replacement recruiters but a strong tool to help us, help to make us much more productive, provide us much more reach, help to make us much more competitive. We ought to (actually must) encouraged it as numerous other sectors and occupations do. How numerous accounting deals are away their that may and in some cases do “replace” accountants using aspects, the demand with regard to accountants continues to be high.

The reason why are all of us so unconfident about the industry!

I know that recruiters and also the recruiting industry has had a battering on the long time period but something we cannot doubt is that people are required, in truth essential! We as well are always sought after – even though some folk prefer to tell all of us otherwise.

I’ve had customers try their very own portal or on-line data source, only in order to realise exactly how difficult the actual recruitment function really is, mainly their very own portals only produce more function and much less recruitment achievement, as these people get heaps of reactions, many whom they are able to never make use of, but these people still have to manage.
They often come back again for help, even if it’s with their very own portal being an additional device.

Recruiters ought to be getting within first, begin using the superb technology obtainable, become recruitment technologies experts after which use this particular knowledge to your benefit, sell your understanding of recruitment technologies tools for your clients, allow it to be an additional benefit for your clients.

If clients wish to use technologies in recruiting we ought to encourage it and become active in the process associated with decision producing and choices regarding which technologies is the most suitable. Introduce these phones technologies making use of your expertise. This might seem like a poor business method of those that feel they’re at risk of losing their own jobs in order to technology, but should you explain and show your customers how a mix of the correct technology and also a knowledgeable prospecting professional may produce probably the most desired outcomes, then a person maintain manage, you lead the procedure, you can make yourself a vital the main recruitment procedure.

This is much better then attempting to persuade them to not use recruitment technology or simply waiting for the business together to perhaps shrink because they find suitable technology on their own or look for a recruiting professional who’s willing to steer them with this process.

Developments within recruitment technologies are unavoidable and actually very essential to ensure the industry, along with the market generally, thrives. We cannot have archaic recruitment procedures trying maintain with contemporary market human being resource needs.

So, lets motivate more improvement by studying and while using tools as well as technology open to us, only using the technology perform we allow it to be viable for that developers of those tools to keep enhancing as well as fine tuning to match our needs and requirements. After all we’re the prospecting experts and really should therefore function as the main factor to exactly how these techniques operate.

Technology will forget about replace all of us then it’ll any additional profession — unless all of us force this to!


Online Success is Almost Impossible without SEO

Opening up your very own website for the first time can be both fun and at the same time nerve-racking as you are about to tinker with something you hardly have any experience with. As you get to experience firsthand what it is like to explore, maintain, and beautify your website, you get a feeling of accomplishment. Even though you hardly understand any of the deeper functionality of the theme that you have purchased as they require you to list down the context of your instruction in code, still, the joys of having your website up and running can be very fulfilling.

As you are well aware, there are many success stories wherein website owners had to quit their day job so they can focus more on tinkering and maintaining their websites as they are able to profit more from the different income possibilities within the website as opposed to the monthly wage you get from being just a regular employee. Add to that the possibility of being able to work anywhere at any time, as long as there is decent internet connection, you can take your work with you and do your work from there.

The truth is that all successful stories of people earning far more per day than what you can get per month with your day job can be a very both inspiring and inviting as these are the types of success stories that can help motivate you to want to try online entrepreneurship. However, it is important to keep in mind that in life, there will always be those who not only takes the cake, but the cherry on top as well. Not all good basketball players can become NBA players. This is the same with online success as there are people who simply know the roll of the dice that their chances of success are much better than relying on luck.

There is a lot of hard work involved in order to make your website start earning money through the different mediums on how you can earn from your website. Aside from doing a lot of research in finding out the right niche, domain name, target keyword, hosting company, and everything else that needs to be there to help make the website more optimized for search engine crawlers, there is also the task of assigning and hiring an SEO Services Company such as that can help you target and rank your targeted keyword better and faster.

The thing about SEO companies is that they know the different tricks of the trade, along with knowledge of techniques that works very effectively as well as knowing those techniques that no longer works. This knowledge over their trade secret is basically the value on what you hire them for. Of course, the end aspect of hiring SEO Service Companies is that they can help in making a difference on the overall earning capability of your website.


January 1st 2010 Happy New Year Tricksters!

I just turned on the product at RPGnow. It always gives me goosebumps to hit that button that makes a product go live, jump over to their homepage and see it at the top of the list. It means a lot of work is done and then you make a short prayer and hope everything works right, the page isn’t corrupted with HTML problems and the downloads work right. RPGnow is a really solid site though. With their new upload software I have not had any problems with the last couple of books.


December 18th 2009 Avatar

One could argue that Titanic was a movie of this kind. It wasn’t. It shares a lot of elements but Titanic was merely a template for what James Cameron has achieved here. How he does it is amazing.

Nothing in this movie is new. It’s all been done before. Elements of great movies and stories we already know are twist through the dense jungle, the incredible dialogue and the winding plot. It’s just NEVER been told this way before. Cameron dips his paint brush into well known and vivid colors to produce not only a unique masterpiece but a new genre of story telling.

  We are given nothing familiar, a landscape and people completely alien to us. In our journey through this epic, we are immersed in this foreign culture. For three hours, our world becomes theirs. When this movie finishes it’s course, when you leave the theatre, you feel as if you are leaving home.


December 5th 2009 Exhaustion Magic

Looking up from the novel I realize it’s December already and I didn’t put out a book for November. Well, the novel is going very well but that’s not helping Charke Publishing so I’ll take a little break and give another d20 book to the world.


October 22nd 2009 Broken: Exhaustion Magic released!

Only 3 classes use what takes up the greatest portion of the rules in 3rd Edition; the spells. In this short 4 page document, a new way of using those spells is introduced by employing the little used spell failure mechanic and taking it to new extremes. There is a drawback to the system. You must be able to add percentages together. You will be doing it often, every time you cast a spell in fact. Eventually you won’t be able to cast any more spells. Welcome to Exhaustion Magic. This product contains a single new class variant of the wizard. It’s a short product but the price is right. It’s free! Enjoy this little add-on to Broken: The Memory of Solaris or use it for your own campaign setting.


October 21st 2009 Sick can be good

I went up north in British Columbia to do some survey work but became rather ill and returned home. Not returning to my regular work and still sick, a large amount of time has fallen into my lap and I’m using it to catch up. I’ve got a couple of books about to be booted out the door and I’m making some much needed updates to the website. Second Look: Fallen, for example, finally has a link.

   I whipped up a short book which will be released for free, Broken: Exhaustion Magic. I’m almost finished the layout on Arcane Trickster but I want a little more writing in the book and I’ve got to get the art in so it’ll be a little longer.


Lots of Things

It’s a day to remember and I’m trying to dig up old projects and get them finished. I’ve looked back into an old book of mine Kobolds of Frostwind Forest and I’m dusting that off for publication. The art for Arcane Trickster is coming along and hopefully will be finished soon. I’ve also got another book, Grom’s Alliance that I’m starting to think about. So lots of work to do. My novel is approaching the home stretch. I’m doing as much editing as writing.

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