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Charke Publishing creates roleplaying game manuals in PDF format which can be purchased on the RPGnow and DriveThruRPG websites. We currently have books for the 3.5 system and plan to release books for the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons system. Our main series are Broken: The Memory of Solaris, expansions, and the massive stand alone manual on time travel; Chronomancer: Time Travel for Everyone.

Getting started

Write Something

Write something. Seriously. Even if you know how and where to submit material and ask for work, it’s both a confidence builder and practical necessity to have some material written. You can show it off as a sample or even submit it.

I started by writing a 300 page epic on time travel that no one wanted to look at. I started a little too big. Five years and 22 publications later, I’ve decided to just develop the book myself.

Create a Website

    A website is the modern business card. It tells people who you are. It provides examples of your work. It tells people how to contact you. You need one.

    If your only option is a free site, get one without popups, just add banners. I highly recommend coughing up 120$ a year for a site without adds and your own domain name.

   If your HTML-Fu isn’t that great, make the site simple and clean. You only NEED a few things on your site.

– Your name and email address (Contact Us)

– Examples of your work (best on a sub-page, gallery for an artist)

– A little about yourself (what do you do – art, layout, editing, writing?)

– Just a splash of art (don’t steal, chase down some free clipart).

   Optional site elements include links, galleries, photos, games, a web comic, a message board,

   Don’t put music on your main page (Index.html). Don’t put popups on your main page. Check your spelling. Don’t write text that sounds nervous or bragging.

Our Blog

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January 1st 2010 Happy New Year Tricksters!

I just turned on the product at RPGnow. It always gives me goosebumps to hit that button that makes a product go live, jump over to their homepage and see it at the top of the list. It means a lot of work is done and then you make a short prayer and hope everything works right, the page isn’t corrupted with HTML problems and the downloads work right. RPGnow is a really solid site though. With their new upload software I have not had any problems with the last couple of books.

December 18th 2009 Avatar

One could argue that Titanic was a movie of this kind. It wasn’t. It shares a lot of elements but Titanic was merely a template for what James Cameron has achieved here. How he does it is amazing.

Nothing in this movie is new. It’s all been done before. Elements of great movies and stories we already know are twist through the dense jungle, the incredible dialogue and the winding plot. It’s just NEVER been told this way before. Cameron dips his paint brush into well known and vivid colors to produce not only a unique masterpiece but a new genre of story telling.

  We are given nothing familiar, a landscape and people completely alien to us. In our journey through this epic, we are immersed in this foreign culture. For three hours, our world becomes theirs. When this movie finishes it’s course, when you leave the theatre, you feel as if you are leaving home.

December 5th 2009 Exhaustion Magic

Looking up from the novel I realize it’s December already and I didn’t put out a book for November. Well, the novel is going very well but that’s not helping Charke Publishing so I’ll take a little break and give another d20 book to the world.

October 22nd 2009 Broken: Exhaustion Magic released!

Only 3 classes use what takes up the greatest portion of the rules in 3rd Edition; the spells. In this short 4 page document, a new way of using those spells is introduced by employing the little used spell failure mechanic and taking it to new extremes. There is a drawback to the system. You must be able to add percentages together. You will be doing it often, every time you cast a spell in fact. Eventually you won’t be able to cast any more spells. Welcome to Exhaustion Magic. This product contains a single new class variant of the wizard. It’s a short product but the price is right. It’s free! Enjoy this little add-on to Broken: The Memory of Solaris or use it for your own campaign setting.

October 21st 2009 Sick can be good

I went up north in British Columbia to do some survey work but became rather ill and returned home. Not returning to my regular work and still sick, a large amount of time has fallen into my lap and I’m using it to catch up. I’ve got a couple of books about to be booted out the door and I’m making some much needed updates to the website. Second Look: Fallen, for example, finally has a link.

   I whipped up a short book which will be released for free, Broken: Exhaustion Magic. I’m almost finished the layout on Arcane Trickster but I want a little more writing in the book and I’ve got to get the art in so it’ll be a little longer.

Lots of Things

It’s a day to remember and I’m trying to dig up old projects and get them finished. I’ve looked back into an old book of mine Kobolds of Frostwind Forest and I’m dusting that off for publication. The art for Arcane Trickster is coming along and hopefully will be finished soon. I’ve also got another book, Grom’s Alliance that I’m starting to think about. So lots of work to do. My novel is approaching the home stretch. I’m doing as much editing as writing.

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